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  • Michael Age 51

    “October 2006, I had difficulty walking and my left leg was hurting. Dr. Reuben did my surgery and I was walking the very next day. After he turned me loose the fish were waiting for me. Even the dolphins were jumping to see me back on the river!

    Today, I carry 55 gallon drums and thanks to Dr. Reuben, I’m 100%!”

  • Sam Age 71

    “I have been active in sports all my life, including mountain hiking, hunting, skeet and trap shooting. Prior to my retirement, I was engaged in extensive international business travel. After a 20-year history of lower back problems, including three surgeries in England, I began experiencing severe back pain again during 2007. Based on my previous experience, I knew I had to find a good spine specialist in the USA or I would become crippled. Dr. Reuben performed spine surgery on me in March 2008 to correct several problems in my lower back.

    Four days post surgical fusion, I went home and was able to walk the 1/4 mile to the Beaufort River and back. In July 2008, I hiked the Loop Trail, near Aspen, Colorado (Elevation 12,500 feet) and during the following September, I spent 10 days hiking the Welch coast. In July of 2009, I spent 10 days hiking the Italian Dolomites. I will return to the Colorado Rockies this summer for another 10 days.

    I am very grateful to Dr. Reuben, whose surgical skills made it possible for me to return to a full and active life.”

  • Brando Age 33

    “His career’s over, he’s done. Surgery is not an option.” I heard the doctors talking in the hall and hoped those words were not meant for me. My life goals were to be a Marine and run a marathon! The words were mine and I would not accept them.

    I was a Marine and couldn’t wait to celebrate my 30th birthday when I injured my back. Twisting, bending, moving was excruciating. I was a Marine and I was determined to find a spine doctor who could give me my life back. I found Dr. Reuben and together with my wife he reviewed my options. We were touched by his honesty, professionalism and thoroughness. He never pressured me and talked to us as if he cared. He told me that my decision should be a life-decision.

    Dr. Reuben changed my life. Four months post surgery, I was able to re-enlist in the Marine Corps. A year later, I began training for a Marine Corps Marathon. Completing a 26.2 mile marathon was the realization of my dream.

    I gave my certificate to Dr. Reuben and he hung it on his wall. I love running and training and he gave it back to me.

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